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24 vragen aan… Brock Montgomery

Foto Arie Leeuwesteijn


24 questions with…Brock Montgomery

A workhorse on the ice, strong with or without the puck and gifted with a great shot. He loves to throw his weight around and strip opponent’s pucks. Underrated at the start of the season Brock Montgomery has been one of the Tilburg Trappers most consistent point producers.


‘NFL easy, Minnesota Vikings. They should have, could have and would have gone to this year’s Super Bowl. My whole family is Vikings fans. Except for two black sheep (my brother and cousin Jake. They are Chicago Bears fans). The Bears suck always so it’s easy. We’re so much better.’

Steven Stamkos or Nathan McKinnon?

‘Stamkos. I like watching him play. A true sniper.’

Favorite NHL organization?

‘I grew up as a Montreal Canadiens fan. But I go for Dallas. They’re the only team I have experience working with and they treated me really well.’

Biggest influence on your career?

My brother Bo for sure. When we grew up we always battled each other on the outdoor rink. Stayed out till the lights went out. He always encouraged me to be the best I can be and was always proud of me no matter what I did. Besides that my family of course. They gave me the opportunity to be a hockey player and chase my dreams. It’s not always been easy for them but they supported me all the time.’

Favorite away-game in the Oberliga?

‘It’s fun to play against people who don’t like you. Moskitos Essen doesn’t like us so it’s nice to beat them.’

Why are you wearing #29?

‘Good question. I use to wear 21 when I grew up. Then I couldn’t wear 21 for some reason in Adirondack. 29 was open so I chose 29. I had a good season there so I stuck with it.

Shoot or deke on a breakaway?


Nickname in the dressing room?

‘Actually, Tilburg’s the first team I don’t have a nickname. Everywhere I went in hockey it was Monty. I think for the last ten years nobody knew my first name. It was always Monty. Only coaches called me Brock when they were mad at me. So it’s really weird when people call me Brock now.’

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

‘I have an older brother who is a fire fighter in Calgary. Two little twin brothers and a little sister who still go to school.’

If you have a day off, how do you spent that day?

‘Normally I go to the woods (De Warande) with my dog Jake.’

Favorite Dutch words (question by Parker Bowles)?

‘You can talk to me in Dutch. I’m the best Dutch speaker on the team. I know every Dutch word. Alsjeblieft, dankjewel, hoe gaat het me jou, doei…doei…doei, houdoe.’

Who is the last person you have texted?

‘My brother to tell him we won again.’

How is live in the Netherlands/Tilburg?

‘It’s really good. I love it here. It was a bit of an adjustment but it’s a great experience. I really like it know. Although I could use a little more sunlight.’

What makes you angry?

‘Gio’s DJ skills….and leave it with that.’

What did you buy from your first salary?

‘I don’t buy a lot of things. I like to buy experiences. From my first salary I went to a big country music festival in Washington with four close friends.’

What’s the last movie you have seen?

‘My dad and I went to ‘The Commuter’ a couple of nights ago. With Liam Neeson. Not amazing but a good movie. What I didn’t know is that movies have a smoke break halfway. We don’t have that back home.’

What is Mountainlife Apparel?

‘Me and my brother started that company this summer. I took about a year to come up with an idea to launch it this summer. We try to bring a community together that love the mountains. Not only back home but everywhere and share their ideas and experiences on our website and Instagram. It’s been going well and growing every day. It’s been a fun ride and we’re meeting a lot of great people. My ultimate dream is to have a cabin in the mountains one day. We even have our own merchandise. If anyone wants anything you can message me or order online (www.mountainlifeapparel.com).

Best city you’ve ever visited and why?

‘I would say Nashville. I love live music. Not only do I love live music but I love country music. And there’s unbelievable country music there. At the end of my season in Orlando (2014-2015) I did an amazing big trip with my best friend down the Florida Keys and through Nashville. That city was unbelievable!’

Favorite athlete in any other sport than hockey?

‘Randy Moss of the Minnesota Vikings. Greatest receiver of all time.’

Spotify or Apple music?

‘Apple music. Just because Gio is using Spotify.’

Favorite Netflix series?

‘I don’t watch a lot of tv. If I ever watch Netflix it’s Friends.’

Worst thing you ever said to a coach or referee?

‘Hahahahaha. I’m not going to tell you that. Put a bunch of asterisks and let the Tilburg fans guess what I said.’

Which player, coach or staff member should be next to ask 24 questions?

‘Berrie Aarts.’

What should we ask Berrie?

‘Ask Berrie if he can speak English.’